improving Neurological Healthcare

Biocompatible neural implants that monitor, recognize,
and intervene in neurological disorders.

01 Our mission

The future

Novela is a medical technology company focused on improving electrotherapeutic treatments and outcomes for patients suffering from neurological disorders, initially targeting epilepsy.

Over 1 Billion people worldwide suffering from neurological disorders, and over 50M epilepsy patients. Electrotherapeutic methods employing brain sensing and stimulation have the potential to provide reliable and effective therapies for various neurological disorders which conventional drugs and surgeries fail to treat.

At Novela, we believe that understanding the brain is key in improving the lives of the billions of people affected by neurological disorders. We are developing innovative products that impact neurological care, enhance patients quality of life, and advance neuroscientific research.

Our goal is to put an end to brain diseases and thrive at forging new frontiers in surgical neurotechnologies.

02 WE are

About us

Novela Neurotech is a medical technology company developing hardware and software solutions to improve the lives of the 1 billion people currently suffering from neurological conditions. Our strong team of medical professionals and experienced business people are motivated to create affordable, best-in-class products, capable of providing enhanced functionality and bio-compatibility.

We are introducing solutions for the treatment of brain and nervous system disorders. Novela’s award winning and hospital tested high performance neural implant devices monitor, recognize and intervene in neural disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s.

Upcoming Novela products are aimed at enhancing human brain functions by enabling two-way connectivity with computers; this will increase our memory, enable internet access and speed up thought processes.

Ray Iskander, CEO

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03 Team

Executive Team

Ray Iskander
Peter Mankowski
Salam Gabran
Director of Engineering
Mark Valentine
Sr VP Business Development
& IP Portfolio
Rick Dalgetty
Vice President of
Regulatory & Quality


Dr. Jose Velazquez | The Ronin Institute
Michael Ricci | Biomedical Technology Consultant
Peter Cunningham | Financial Advisor
Dr. Harold Wodlinger | Medical Device Consultant
Dr. George Ekladious | Principal Data Scientist
Dr. Nabil Wasily | Technology Advisor

04 Technology


High Performance Clinically proven Neural Interfacing Electrodes - offer a highly functional and affordable platform for those developing diagnostic and therapeutic tools for nervous system disorders

Fully Bio-Compatible with Brain Tissue - able to collect brain data and provide the brain neurostimulation required for the treatment of some brain diseases

Collect Higher Quality Brain Data - benchmarking against competitors demonstrated the superior performance of our technology

Flexible, Minimally Invasive Technology - the electrodes provide redundant recording and stimulation channels to compensate for microdisplacement. These features improve the probes biocompatibility and make them suitable for chronic animal and human applications

Deliver Unmatched Quality - as a result they clearly capture and isolate neural spikes which carry brain information due to superior signal quality,signal-to-noise ratio and interface impedance. The probes also detect local field potentials, allow simultaneous recording and stimulation enabling improved functionality and enhanced biocompatibility

Extended Battery Life - is permitted in electric stimulation applications due to low interface impedance. Other features include current steering and localized stimulation

Smart Brain Interfacing Platform - our highly functional probes are being used in this active platform, capable of running power-efficient AI algorithms for brain research and therapeutic applications

05 News

Novela Inaugurates R&D Center

Based in Ontario, Canada
R&D Hub will facilitate collaboration with CRANIA and access to tier-1 talent in the Waterloo and Toronto areas.
January, we opened our research and development (R&D) center in Waterloo, Canada. Working in concert with the California headquarters, the center will focus on the advancement of the fabrication process of Novela’s neural implant devices.
Headed by Salam Gabran, Director of Engineering, the office is staffed by a team with impressive prior experience in medical devices microfabrication.

In The Press

Novela’s hometown newspaper the Alameda Sun featured us in their Thursday 1/24/19 issue.
“Novela’s long-term vision is to extend memory and brain processing speed, and even to add built-in cloud connectivity as well as expand human senses.” Read more
Peter Mankowski, Chief Technical Officer, relocated from California for the first half of 2019 to help establish the center and assist Salam with recruitments.
“Toronto continues to draw upon world-class talent and cultivate a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. Incubators like MaRS and Innovation Guelph, as well as leading medical R&D centers like the University Health Network (UHN), and Ontario Brain Institute (OBI). Novela plans to establish a strong foothold in Ontario, and we are particularly excited to be kicking off a collaboration with The Center for Advancing Neurological Innovation to Application CRANIA™,” says Ray Iskander, Novela’s CEO.

In The Spotlight

Mark Valentine, Senior VP, Business Development & IP Portfolio
“I’ve witnessed firsthand the need for medical devices and treatments in those regions less fortunate than the western world. I think that’s why I’m so attracted to medical devices and technology companies.” Read more

06 Resources

Read More

Novela Neurostimulation Read more
Dynamiceuticals: The Next Stage in Personalized Medicine Read more

07 Career

Work with us

Why choose us
We offer an opportunity to change the world with some of the smartest and the most talented experts. We offer growth potential, a benefits package and a flexible vacation policy.
Our standards
We are building a multidisciplinary team passionate about making a major impact. We are looking for exceptional people with proven track records, especially in building high-precision devices as well as scalable fail-safe softwareapplications.
Interested In Working For Novela?
All positions listed below are full time and based in San Francisco or Toronto.
For positions not listed, you can reach us at


Senior Microelectronics Engineer

Seeking candidates with more than 10 years of experience in developmental programs of mixed signal Microelectronic integrated circuits.

Read More Apply img
MEMS Process Engineer

As a MEMS Manufacturing Process Engineer at Novela Neurotech, your role is to sustain existing processes and products and support the development of future MEMS products and processes. This is a hands-on, process sustaining role with responsibility for multiple areas in a MEMS fabrication facility.

Read More Apply img
Verification Engineer PCB/ Packaging Assembly/ Wirebond/ High Speed

he successful candidate ensures that products shipped meet specification and quality goals, manages product development builds, and provides sustaining support for these products during normal production.

Read More Apply img
Supply Chain Coordinator

The successful candidate will manage the relationship between Novela Neurotech and its manufacturing partners.

Read More Apply img
Digital Designer
Firmware / DSP / Microprocessors
Seeking candidates with ARM based MCU experience, and a solid understanding of wireless technologies, and machine learning algorithms. Candidate will play a significant role in developing the architecture and software design. Apply img
Data Scientist
Algorithms Engineer / R&D

The successful candidate will have recent and current knowledge a variety of machine learning, data mining, and statistical techniques applicable to supervised / unsupervised learning systems.

Read More Apply img
TensorFlow ​AI Engineer

Successful candidate will collaborate with the research team to implement and maintain a steady stream of deep learning experiments. Candidate will own and develop to maintain large scale data/training/experiment analysis infrastructure on EC2.

Read More Apply img
Senior ​Software Engineer Backend

Novela Neurotech is seeking a creative and pioneering software engineer to join our team. This position entails development of potentially large-scale web and mobile software systems interfacing with cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. This specific role will require solid computer science fundamentals with an emphasis in scalable backend architectures and technologies. members and testers throughout.

Read More Apply img
Technical Writer
Seeking a seasoned Technical Writer with experience producing and/or editing highly technical documentation. Candidate must have the ability to consolidate technical inputs and analyses and produce a logical understandable document.​ Read More Apply img
Laboratory Technologist

The successful candidate will be able to support design & test activities at our R&D facilities and should have experience in solder, bonding, or inspection techniques. Successful candidates will be able to prepare paper and electronic documentation.​

Read More Apply img
Recruiting Coordinator
The successful candidate will be scheduling/coordinating interviews, reference checks, sending offer letters/packets, onboarding, assisting with I-9 and E-Verify, and drug/background screening. Apply img
Operational Accountant
Successful candidate will help Novela Neurotech build its Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Financial Planning & Analysis processes from the ground up, while getting your hands dirty on every aspect of these critical roles at a rapidly growing startup. Apply img
Social Media & PR CoordinatoR

Successful candidate is extremely familiar and comfortable with social media platforms and is excited to further develop and enhance our presence on these platforms. You will develop a social media strategy and content calendar to effectively communicate on behalf of Novela.

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Corporate Office

San Francisco

1101 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 201, Alameda,

California, 94501, USA

US: (+1) 408-627-1633

Research Center


180 Northfield Dr West, unit 4

Waterloo, N2L 0C7, ON, Canada

CA: (+1) 669-258-8133


Corporate Office

San Francisco

1101 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 201, Alameda,

California, 94501, USA

US: (+1) 408-627-1633

Research Center


180 Northfield Dr West, unit 4

Waterloo, N2L 0C7, ON, Canada

CA: (+1) 669-258-8133